Enso has established itself as one of Belgrade’s leading restaurants of modern cuisine, which was once again confirmed by Michelin Guide recommendation. We have put our focus into creating gastronomic masterpieces through combining diverse flavours, using original recipes.

Our specialty is merging peak culinary craft with artistic presentation to present you perfect dishes.
Enso team follows the latest trends but it also sets them. Chef Nedeljko, with his expertise and creativity, created a menu that raised the bar in Serbia’s modern culinary scene, and brought it to international levels.
The menu is seasonal and the chef only use fresh and locally grown products of the highest quality.

The term Enso is represented by a single circular stroke of the brush, as seen in the restaurant logo. It represents that moment in time, when the mind is free and allows the body to create without limits.

This way, the name of the restaurant has determined the restaurant’s philosophy. The creative process has no boundaries, and regardless of the fact that the basis for Enso’s approach is French nouvelle cuisine, it still has strong influences stemming from Serbian, Italian and Asian cuisines. Delve into the gastronomic adventure that is Enso, and travel through a world of unrepeatable combinations of flavours in this spectacular Belgrade restaurant.


Welcome 2024 with style at Enso restaurant!

Our specially crafted New Year’s tasting menu carefully paired with exclusive wines.
Enjoy the hits of the 80s with DJ CAKI & DJ SHEF,
experts in disco and funk, who will curate this unforgettable night.

The seven-course tasting menu arranged with carefully selected wine glasses / 250 eur per person.
Our chef, an artist of flavors, reserves the right to partially modify the menu
depending on the quality of the required ingredients.

Meat menu:

1. Beef tongue / 100 women winery, Rose, Serbia
2. Duck bresaola / Champagne
3. Octopus / Radovan winery, Malvasia, Croatia
4. Beetroot / Bikicki winery, Uncensored, Orange, Serbia

5. Bream with serbian plum dumplings / Ivanović winery, Prokupac, Serbia
6. Beefsteak / Marina Cvetić Winery, Iskra, Italia
7. Pistachio / Florio Marsala superiore dolce, Italia

Fish menu:

1. Prawns / 100 women winery, Rose, Serbia
2. Vege labne / Matijasevic winery, Sovinoa Fume Blanc, Serbia
3. Octopus / Radovan winery, Malvasia, Croatia
4. Beetroot / Bikicki winery, Uncensored, Orange, Serbia

5. Bream with serbian plum dumplings / Ivanovic winery, Prokupac, Serbia
6. Catfish / Casa Castillo, Monastrell, Spain
7. Pistachio – Florio Marsala superiore dolce, Italia

More information: 063594924
Vaučeri za večeru se kupuju u restoranu radnim danima od 13h do 20h


Beef tongue

Beef tongue is a specialty widely distributed in the world. Our chefs bring an innovative rose-shaped version of beef tongue, complete with the taste of mole sauce, pistachios and pickled onions.

Sea food Barigoule

Sea food Barigoule, a hearty fish broth complemented with prawns and scallops, with a dash of leek oli.


Beefsteak, demiglace sauce, goose liver and prune puree, served with shitake mushroom cappuccino, mashed potatoes and milk foam.


Slices of slow cooked goose with stuffing of seadonal mushrooms,goose liver and brandy, served on apricot coulisand red wine and apple pure, with goose stock gravy.


Beetroot burger on an apricot and passion fruit bun, coated with hazelnuts, followed by chipotle mayonnaise.

Grilled Octopus

Grilled Octopus with baby potato confit and a spicy aromatic herb salsa.


Catfish caught on a fishing rod from the bottom of the Tisa River, served with sautéed leeks, celery chutney and lemon peel jam and pepper sauce.

Bream with serbian plum dumplings

Bream with shallot compote plum duplings and creamy red pepper sauce.


Prawns, prawn sauce, celery puree, granny smith apple

Nirvana tart                        

Tart combined with banana compote, hazelnut cream, followed by five-spice pudding, lemon gel and rhubarb sorbet.


Lamb roulade, Harissa sauce, sous vide cabbage with brown butter, dehydrated sauerkraut, oxidized pear puree.


Rabbit confit cooked in duck fat,served on spinach coulis with crunchy pickled vegetables with banana, curry and youghurt ice cream.

Beef tail                        

Beef tail terrine, served with hand-made beetroot dumplings filled with tomato jam, pea espuma, orange lentil puree and horseradish sauce.

Duck bresaola                        

Duck smoked bresaola, orange emulsion, followed by red orange sorbet, tzatziki foam and spicy sprigs.


Pistachio cream, “cocoa nib” biscuit, accompanied by dehydrated raspberry, caramelized white chocolate ice cream and raspberry coulis.

Tartare steak                        

Finely chopped fresh steak, seasoned with red pepper, toasted onion, Worcestershire sauce, egg yolk, bacon, capers and pickled dill. Served with butter we made with bourbon whiskey, estragon and dark beer mustard.

Crunchy caramel cake                        

Caramel coated with gingerbread crumble, served on gel made of coffee, dates and ginger ice cream.


Grilled perch fillet, accompanied by black snapper, spinach puree and fennel sauce and white lentils.
Diet regimes While we do our best to accommodate various dietary restrictions, we ask for your understanding that there are certain requests that we cannot accommodate, in order to preserve the integrity of our dishes. This includes but is not limited to the following requirements: no fish/seafood, only meat, no vegetables, severe gluten allergies and lactose intolerance. If you have any questions, send us an e-mail e-mail before booking.


Price List

  • Tasting menu (5 cources) 6.900rsd
  • Tasting menu (7 cources) 9.100rsd
  • Enso 10 freestyle 11.900rsd
  • Sea food Barigoule 700rsd
  • Tom Yum 700rsd
  • Rabbit 1.850 rsd
  • Goose 1.850rsd
  • Vege labne 1.750rsd
  • Beef tongue 1.750rsd
  • Vege labne 1.550rsd
  • Prawns 1.750rsd
  • Duck bresaola 1.750rsd
  • Tartare steak 2.100rsd
  • Octopus 2.300rsd
  • Fresh salad mix 600rsd
  • Green salad mix 800rsd
*Prices and dishes on the website may vary from restaurant prices and dishes in the periods of menu changes.


If you are interested in having the best chefs in charge of your event’s catering,
you are in the right place. Enso catering is designed for those who appreciate attention to details and understand the importance of top quality service at their events.
If you want a successful event with perfectly crafted and presented bites,
Enso is your choice.

Corporate offer

Give your customers and employees what they deserve – only the best.
If you are organizing a small celebration, for up to 40 people, Enso is the ideal intimate space for your celebration.

Our restaurant can offer you dinner or catering from the best cuisine in Belgrade, a wide range of drinks and a rich wine list, as well as the organization of smaller musical groups or DJs that will complete the experience.

Be different, choose different for your customers or employees
Combine the celebration with a program in the BitefArtCafe club, which is accessed by a secret door, or use both spaces for your event. The possibilities are endless.

Call us and make a reservation via the number:
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Green Enso


Each of us can start incorporating positive recycling habits into our lives, and ENSO restaurant has been wanting to contribute to the protection of the planet and all life on it for 7 years. Don’t forget that one person can make a big difference, and together we can change the world! ENSO restaurant, together with the organization Musicology Sessions and the club BitefArtCafe, every month, separates between 1000 and 2000 kg of glass, cans, and plastic. To reduce the amount of waste, we use reusable cotton napkins and towels, as well as eggs from floor-raised hens where they can express all their characteristics of natural behavior. This approach, as well as daily monitoring and regular maintenance.



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